Mot Anxiety

In a blog written earlier this year, we highlighted how women often feel uncomfortable when taking their car to a garage for a service or Mot. A recent customer came to Simply Serviced with similar feelings of worry and anxiety and, following her experience with us, felt moved to write the following piece.

“‘There have been an increasing number of articles in the press highlighting the fact that women feel uncomfortable taking their car to the garage for its service or MoT. According to statistics, at least two-thirds of us feel at a disadvantage either because we don’t have the knowledge to assess the problem ourselves and therefore have to rely on the expertise of the mechanic, or because we feel intimidated by the idea of entering what is often seen as a macho environment.

Certainly, I have had personal experience of being told that I had a hole in my exhaust that needed to be fixed immediately, only to discover, having asked them to defer it for another time (so that I could get a third party to confirm it), that this was not the case. My wariness on that occasion was well placed. However, it is important to remember that not all garages are the same and once you’ve found a good one, it is worth sticking with them.

Having taken my car, with the usual trepidation, to Simply Serviced in Colchester for its Mot I was delighted to be welcomed by smiling faces, a modern and cosy waiting room equipped with tea/coffee, clean mugs(!) and a good selection of magazines. The MoT process was fully explained to me and I was reassured that they were happy to show me any faults that were picked up and give me some options regarding their repair, which they duly did. My car did need a spare part and I was give a choice of several manufacturers so that I could chose how much I wanted to spend.

I went away reassured and delighted to have found somewhere that I would happily take my car for its service in the future’.”
— Adrienne, Colchester

If readers have similar experiences that they would like to share via this blog, please get in touch. I would also be interested to know whether an evening hosted by Simply Serviced whereby the basics of mechanics are explained would be of interest to you, if so let me know.


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