1. Which Car Service Is Best?

Although we offer 3 main car services that should match most peoples requirements, we can also exactly match your manufacturers schedule to ensure your warranty isn’t affected. If you car unsure then just call one of our team who will advise you on the best options for your car and budget.

2. Why Service Your Car?

All cars require regular servicing to ensure everything works as it should. Regular engine oil changes as well as Air, Pollen and Fuel filters replacements are vital to keep your car reliable, safe and running as efficiently as possible.  In addition whilst carrying out a service we inspect all the major components and advise on any required maintenance or repair.

3. When Should You Have Your Car Serviced?

Each car has a recommended service schedule from the manufacturer to follow.  Often as cars get older and the owners change they fall out of line with the manufacturers schedule so the best recommendation in the case is to have the car serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles which ever comes first.

4. Why Service Your Cars Air Conditioning?

As with any other component on your car your air conditioning system will need regular maintenance in order to keep it running as it should. Your air conditioning system contains a special gas to keep everything cold and this can leak over time making your air conditioning in ineffective and this can lead to bacteria growing in the system and causes unpleasant smells. An air conditioning service and anti bacterial treatment can make a massive difference.

5. How Much Should Car Servicing Cost?

Car servicing doesn’t have to be expensive and is certainly cheaper than the repair bill for not servicing your car.  Our services start from just £115 so its really affordable and gives you the piece of mind that your car has been inspected by a trained qualified technician.

6. Will Servicing Your Car Improve Its MPG?

Yes, almost certainly.  Regular servicing using the correct oils for your vehicle have been proven to give you better MPG and improved reliability and overall reducing your running costs.

7. Can A Car Service Improve Its Performance?

Yes, a well maintained car with regular servicing will perform better in every area.  Not only will it’s speed performance be maintained but also improved braking, handling and fuel economy.

8. What Does A Car Service Include?

Each service can contain different replacement parts and check depending on what’s previously been replaced on the car.  For a quick guide please look at our Service Comparison as this will show you all the detail on our 3 main services.

9. Can Car Servicing Be Done On A Sunday?

Yes, we do carry out both car servicing and MOT tests on Sundays.  This isn’t the norm for our industry and we do get booked up very quickly so if you require a weekend appointment then book 2 weeks in advance.

10. Does Not Using Your Car's Main Dealer Void Your Warranty?

No, you can have your serviced anywhere as long as they follow the exact manufacturers schedule and use the correct parts and Oils.  They don’t have to use the manufacturers parts but they must be of Original Equipment quality.

11. Why Is Car Servicing Important?

Yes, regular servicing will keep you safe on the roads, maintain your car’s future value as well as keeping your running costs to a minimum. There really isn’t any downsides to looking after your car.

12. Should You Use A Dealership Or An Independent For Car Servicing?

You can you either and both have for’s and against’s.  As a general rule the dealership will be more expensive however they will have specific knowledge on their brand.  The independents will generally offer better value but sometimes may lack some specific knowledge.  At Simply Service each of our team come from different manufacturer backgrounds so we have a massive amount of shared knowledge amongst  our team.

13. Do Car Servicing Costs Differ On Petrol Vs Diesel Cars?

Yes they can however not by a lot.   On our 3 set services the pricing is the same for both Petrol and Diesel however there can be some small differences in what’s carried out on specific services, an example of this is that a petrol car requires spark plug replacements where as a diesel car doesn’t but in turn a diesel car requires more regular fuel filter changes than a petrol car might.  If you are unsure on what your car requires then just give us a call and we’ll talk you through it.

14. How Long Does It Take To Service A Car?

Typically a car service will take between an hour to three or four hours depending on what service and what the car is.  At Simply Serviced most customers drop their car off in the morning and collect it later however we can offer specific waiting appointments for the smaller services.   We also offer a free collection and delivery service and have courtesy cars but please book in advance for these as they do get booked up quickly.

15. Are All Car Service Schedules The Same?

No, each manufacturer sets their own schedule to what they believe gives the best balance for reliability and costs.  That said a good general rule to stick by is every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

16. Is An MOT Test The Same As Having A Service?

No, an MOT test is definitely not a service.  An MOT test is a visual inspection of road worthiness and does not cover changing any of your car’s serviceable items.  You ideally should have both a car service and a MOT test each year. If you can combine them both then there’s a small cost saving when done by us.

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