DPF Filters

Diesel particulate filters

Diesel engines produce a lot of soot and this soot can cause breathing problems so back in 2009 all vehicles were fitted with diesel particulate filters in the exhaust system to prevent soot passing in to the environment. The aim of the this technology was to stop 80% of harmful soot however these systems can get blocked.

The DPF has to be emptied in order maintain its performance and this is done through a process called “regeneration” which occurs as the vehicle is driven at a higher running temperature on faster roads like motorways.

Lots of diesel cars are bought for their good fuel consumption but not driven on long journey and in fact do small “stop start” runs around town and this is bad for the filter as it can’t regenerate correctly. If the DPF can’t clear itself you will get a warning light on the dash and must contact a garage as soon as you can. Repeatedly driving on a blocked DPF can cause significant issues with other components and this can get very costly.

– There are a number of things you can do to help prevent issues:

– Drive regular longer journeys to get the car hot.

– Have the car serviced correctly using the right engine oil.

– Don’t run your fuel constantly low.

– If your car uses a fuel additive ensure it is filled to the correct level.

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