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Simply Serviced can service your Land Rover to the exact manufacturer specification much cheaper than main dealer.

Trusted Land Rover Service Colchester Garage - Cheaper Than Main Dealer

Land Rover Service Colchester
Looking for a Land Rover service in Colchester? We are able to service and repair your Land Rover to the specification as set out by this brand. A change in the law over ten years ago designed to enhance competition and to give more choice means we have access to all the technical information in order to maintain your car. Regarding your warranty, so long as the service specification has been met and the parts used are of Original Equipment standard then this is not affected.

We’ve been trained up to the top Master Technician level so we know and understand this brand and the products intimately so can carry out repairs including Cambelt replacement, Clutch replacement, Suspension repairs, Broken springs, Turbo repair, Diesel engine repair, Timing belt replacement, Spark plug replacement and brake replacement. However whilst we don’t have large expensive showrooms to pay for we can offer substantial savings to you.

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Prices correct as of April 2018

Small Service - £140

Medium Service - £200

Large Service - £300



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