Charity begins at………

Recently, the team at Simply Serviced got involved with the ‘Dress Loud’ day organised by Global Radio to raise money for local charities. A worthy cause, as we know, and something that companies can easily get involved with to help support their local community.

Having decided to do our bit, I was then faced with prospect of convincing a team of burly men that the concept was ‘Dress Loud’ and that they would need to come to work in fancy dress. Ever the salesman, I managed to sell the idea to them and reassured them that I would source the outfits for the day.

Days later, whilst sat in traffic, it came to me……Onesies! A quick trip to Primark provided me with two choices: Minions or Star Wars “Chewbacca”…..mmmmmm, Minions it is. Through fear of getting lynched, I decided to keep quiet until the day.

The morning of the event, a team meeting was called and I presented them with 7 Minion onesies. Silence fell and then the team exploded with laughter. ‘Brilliant,’ they said ‘we love Minions’ and before I knew it, I was surrounded by a team of happy minions. The team rose to the occasion and stayed in character all day. Customers laughed, the team really enjoyed themselves, and we raised money for several charities across Essex.


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