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See below our prices for standard servicing, maintenance and repairs. Remember we can change anything from a bulb to a full car rebuild so if it's not on the list then please call.

Standard Servicing

Small Service – £140

An ideal interim service for the higher mileage driver or an annual service for very low mileage users. This includes a thorough check of the 12 major components plus changing Engine oil and Oil filter. (View Service Comparison)

Manufacturer Service – £POA

We are able to service your car inline with the manufacturers full specification using original equipment standard parts. This is a good service for those cars that need to maintain manufacturer warranty.

Medium Service – £200

A good annual service. Includes a 54 point check of your car’s components and systems as well as replacement parts including Engine oil, Oil filter, Air filter and Pollen filter. (View Service Comparison)

MOT – £40 Or £25 If With A Service

Full vehicle VOSA MOT test and certificate.

Large Service – £300

A major two year service. A really particular 68 point check covering the whole vehicle as well as changing many serviceable parts including Engine oil, Oil filter, Air filter, Pollen filter, Spark plugs, Fuel filter, Brake Fluid. (View Service Comparison)

Air Conditioning Service – £125

As with all systems on a car, their performance can deteriorate. A good performing air conditioning system will help de-mist your car in winter and keep you cool in summer.

Premium Oil Upgrade – £25

Upgrade to a fully synthetic premium oil with your service. This can enhance the performance, fuel efficiency and longevity of your engine.

Air Conditioning Service With Deodorise – £145

The same service as above but with a deodoriser to kill bacteria build up within your car’s air system.

Platinum Spark Plugs (If Required) – £25 – 4 Cylinder £40 – 6 Cylinder

Upgrade to the above services for those cars that require platinum spark plugs.

Brake Fluid Change – £45

Brake fluid loses its effectiveness over time as moisture levels increase so replacing ensures your brakes work at their best. Ideally change every 2 years. This is included in our Large service detailed above.

Oil And Fuel Flush – £35

This upgrade on any small, medium or large service will give both the oil and fuel systems a thorough clean.

Coolant Change – £60

This is a full change of your engine’s coolant to ensure it is at the correct level and has the correct percentage of antifreeze for those wintery mornings.

Checks and Repairs

Winter Check – £30

A thorough visual inspection and report on all your car’s major components, especially those safety elements for winter driving.

Diagnostic Check – £60

So many cars have complicated electronic systems. This is a diagnostic check of your car’s systems using our latest equipment and report on any fault codes found.

Summer Check – £20

Ideal if you’re travelling long distance for a holiday. This is a thorough visual inspection and report on all your car’s major components.

Steering Tracking – £45

A comprehensive check of your car’s steering components plus wheel alignment to ensure your car is driving straight and true.

Brake Check – FREE

A comprehensive inspection of both your car’s front and rear brake system. If you suspect something is wrong its well worth us checking before spending money on new parts.

Exhaust Check – FREE

A thorough visual inspection and report on your car’s exhaust system.

Brake Disc And Pad Replacement – £POA

Following an inspection we can replace required items, be it discs or pads. The price does vary depending on the vehicle make and model so please contact us for a fully inclusive price. We can supply differing options to suit your budget and requirements.

Suspension Check – FREE

A thorough visual inspection and report of your car’s suspension. Especially useful if you have hit a pothole recently.

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